It is without question that anywhere we turn today we can find some serious issues affecting our youth. There are many good people as well as organizations committed to addressing these issues; however, we still have much to do and a long way to go. So, as we make this journey to find brighter solutions to helping our youth we must be open and willing to try new things, especially those things that youth desire and are proven to work.


The Brave Heart Entrepreneurial Youth Camp is a year-round enrichment opportunity; our mission is to prepare our youth for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever by equipping them with culturally relevant entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge that will give them an alternative option for creating a healthy, happy, and prosperous life for themselves.

While entrepreneurship education is nothing new and tends to fall short on the educational radar of some, the benefits of youth entrepreneurship education cannot be ignored.

The Brave Heart Entrepreneurial Youth Camp has emerged as an alternative educational option that is committed to using proven educational methods that strive to achieve positive outcomes such as:

               1. Increased economic literacy and freedom

               2. Increased self-esteem
               3. Improved math, reading, and writing scores
               4. Inspire at risk youth to stay in school
               5. Combat involvement in negative activities, such as substance abuse and violence
               6. Reduce likelihood of teen pregnancy
               7. Inspire the desire for higher education
               8. Increase career opportunities


Our vision is for entrepreneurship education to be an integral part in the educational development of all youth, especially those that are at a disadvantage and least likely to have access to sufficient entrepreneurship education resources. 

Our Brave Heart philosophy is simple, we want our youth to clearly understand that self-empowerment and their destiny is within their control. 

Brave - Represents the understanding that with the power of thought you have the ability to change your current condition or state of being into Good or Bad. We of course encourage the power of good thoughts.

Heart - Represents the physical ability to carry out your deepest desires, wants, and ambitions whether Positive or Negative. We of course encourage positive actions.

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