The Brave Heart Entrepreneurship Academy is designed to offer teens, young adults, as well as families’ targeted support and mentoring that makes entrepreneurship and business ownership a tangible achievable alternative for creating a happy, healthy, and prosperous life for those in underserved communities.  Our current academy programs include Prosperity NOT Prison$elf-Made and The Family Entrepreneurial Development (F.E.D) Initiative.













$elf-Made a teen and young adult entrepreneurship model designed specifically for those who are self-determined to be self-sufficient. The program provides a unique opportunity for individuals between the ages of 18-25.  $elf-Made seeks to develop tomorrows business leaders today through leadership and entrepreneurial development.


Participants of the program are actively engaged in the process of creating the life they wish to have and live by taking initiatives that lead them on a path to accomplishing their pre-determined goals. 


$elf-Made is designed as a culturally relevant hands-on, energetic, strength based alternative mentoring workshop.   The workshop aims to support disadvantaged young adults by helping them identify and utilize their natural talents and skills for bringing about positive change in their lives. CLICK HERE


The Family Entrepreneurial Development Initative (F.E.D) is designed to prepare families through entrepreneurial and business development workshops for creating new streams of wealth across many generations. The program focuses on building strong family units through entrepreneurial development with an emphasis on strengthening family relationships that will support and sustain the growth of the family as well as the family business.


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