The Brave Heart Entrepreneurial Youth Camp curriculum is not based solely on any one textbook format but designed to be both engaging and practical using multiple proven learning and teaching methods.

Our lessons are designed to be dynamic, interactive, and view the learner as an active information processor who uses data, exercises judgment, evaluates risk, and solves real-world problems.

Overall our curriculum addresses many areas of entrepreneurship and business suitable for all youth within our target age group.

The curriculum is also infused with essential life building skills as well as a central theme that focuses on building courage, confidence, good character, and a mind focused on excellence; all by being a "Brave Heart.” 

Curriculum Highlights

– First Impressions
– The Handshake
– The Walk
– The Talk
– The Dress
– Eye Contact

Types of Businesses

– Manufacturing
– Wholesale
– Retail
– Services

Entrepreneurship Traits
Business Legal Structures
Business Planning

Life Skills


– Developing good communication skills
– Networking Skills
– Developing a Positive Mind
– Time management
– Credit & Personal Financial Management

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